What is a Colon Cleanse?

The colon is perhaps the most important link between the body’s digestive mechanisms, and its elimination functions. It is the final gut compartment that processes nutrients, and signals the body to get rid of waste. It is also the most common organ in the body to be riddled with toxins and bacteria.

Don’t get upset with this revelation. It’s normal, but modern nutritional science is discovering that the waste and bacteria built-up in the colon can contribute to a host of health problems. This includes immune function deficiencies, and gaining weight.

Fortunately, colon cleansing techniques are available to help regulate the toxins that collect in the lower digestive tract. The colon is lined with ridges that can collect waste materials even if they are being properly and regularly passed. These waste materials carry all of the molecular properties of the foods that are consumed. In essence, the colon can become the body’s mulch bucket. The flora of bacteria in the colon can grow to create an inhospitable atmosphere for normal digestion. When this happens, a colon cleanse is necessary.

Traditional colon cleansing is performed with the infusion and flushing of water mixed with mineral compounds in the form of an enema. With the help of a cleansing specialist, enriched water is forced into the colon. This helps break all bacterial and toxic materials away from the gut walls. This process triggers the body to go into a water expulsion mode. After a traditional water enema, the body will continue to expel waste materials until the lining of the colon is clean.

Why is this helpful? When bacteria and food toxins build-up in the colon, the digestive system can only eliminate a part of the material forced into the gut. As a recourse, the body signals build-up as excess fuel, and stores water and sugar in the adipose cells. This results in a watery, fattening feeling and substantial weight gain. If toxins and bacterial flora are flushed with a colon cleanse, the body will process foods normally, and resist water weight gain.

Some colon cleansing techniques are now incorporating other fluids to prompt the gut to release all of the bacteria and toxins stored along its walls. The most common alternative colon cleanse is performed with highly concentrated coffee. Yes, that’s right, coffee! Coffee contains caffeine, which speeds the digestive process. It also infuses antioxidants into the gut for a preventative measure against future build-up.

Radical colon cleanse techniques are not necessary if a powerful weight-loss supplement is taken with a normal diet. A fiber-based traditional colon cleanse is enough when paired with the powerful effects of certain superfoods. Garcinia Cambogia is a super-supplement that works with the body to eliminate waste and bacteria from the colon without the need for radical colon cleanse methods.

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit extract that heightens Serotonin output in the brain. Serotonin is responsible for relaxation and wellness feelings throughout the body. It is also proven to assist with immune functions. This means it bolsters all of the body’s natural sickness-fighting mechanisms, including waste elimination.

One place where the effects of regular Garcinia Cambogia ingestion is noticed, is in the digestive tract. Once this nutritional supplement enters the body, the brain signals positive hormones to flood the bloodstream and cell complexes. The colon is then able to produce secretions that keep waste materials from collecting, thereby keeping the body’s elimination processes in prime working condition. Water and fat are never unduly prompted to be stored, and normal weight regulation can be maintained.

Though the effects of Garcinia Cambogia are powerful in causing weight-losing regimens to work well, traditional colon cleansing techniques remain an effective weight-loss tool. Combining regular Garcinia Cambogia supplementation with both traditional and modern colon cleansing ensures the elimination of harmful bacteria and waste materials from the body. Once built-up waste is eliminated, the brain and body work in perfect harmony to regulate fat storage, energy supply, and nutrient distribution.

If a person is considering a colon cleanse, the need must exist for a radical shift in the way the body processes nutrients. Garcinia Cambogia can help hormones released by the brain, and digestive functions in the gut, reteach the body how to store excess energy. Combined with a hydrotherapeutic colon cleanse, Garcinia Cambogia will rejuvenate and reignite the colon’s ability to keep the body healthy.