Is Garcinia Cambogia Caffeine Free?

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit that is native to Indonesia. The natives have used it for centuries for everything from cooking and topical ointments to a nutritious supplement. The fruit is naturally caffeine free, and has many benefits to provide for the human body including weight loss, extra energy, and an improvement of overall health.

The caffeine aspect is an important factor to consider when taking integrating any supplement into your diet. In a high-stress and fast-paced world, the need for energy is vital to keep up with the daily pressures of life. Too many turn to caffeine-packed products that ultimately produce negative effects that leaves one feeling exhausted, shaky, and irritable by the end of the day. Caffeine has a negative relationship with many illnesses and diseases, and has many harmful effects that includes:

  • forceful heart contractions and palpatations
  • worse menstrual and menopausal symptoms
  • caffeine allergies
  • possible impairment of glucose metabolism related to type 2 diabetics
  • can cause and exasperate headaches
  • possibility to reduce fertility by 27% in women
  • can cause insomnia
  • can cause incontinence; particularly in women
  • can worsen hypertension
  • dangers of caffeine overdose
  • related to indigestion issues

Despite that negative and harmful effects of caffeine, people still flock to products with high doses of the stuff, thinking that they will lose weight and have more energy. The best types of products that gives the best results for weight loss and more energy are natural supplements that nature provides. Garcinia cambogia is caffeine free, and provides support for many systems in the body. It has the potential to modulate lipid metabolism, act as an anti-obesity agent, and increase the metabolism to burn calories for fuel and energy.

The extract pulled from the garcinia cambogia fruit is hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is seen as the active ingredient that stimulates the fat burning and energy enhancing processes. HCA has undergone tests and studies that shows that it has the ability to inhibit fat production by not allowing the body to convert fat and carbohydrates into calories. Instead, the HCA encourages glycogen production in the liver. When there is an increase, messages are sent to the brain to tell the body it has been satiated and no longer needs any additional fuel. The body then goes to work to burn existing fat stores for fuel and increased energy, suppressing cravings, and prevents the additional accumulation of fat stores.

The benefits of garcinia cambogia increases circulation, and this encourages the production of hormones to stimulate happy feelings, improvement in moods, and a general better well-being overall. It provides a steady buzz of vitality that allows you to push through afternoon drowsiness, those intense workouts, and life’s busy schedule to settle down at the end of the day at a pace that your mind and body can feel at ease with. Unlike caffeine that typically gives people a sort of confused buzz, the shakes, and a headache at the end of the day that feels more like a crash.

So next time, don’t opt for the caffeine-packed coffee or pill at the beginning of your day. Instead depend on naturally caffeine free garcinia cambogia to provide your body with what it needs to ensure you have energy, weight loss, and better overall health.