Combining Green Coffee Bean with Garcinia Cambogia

Over the last few months, many doctors have discussed the benefits of combining Green Coffee Bean Extract and Garcinia Cambogia. In addition, several industry experts tested both supplements. After several weeks of research, they had great things to say about both products.


Dr. Eleanor Hanslow reported that 150 of her patients lost four to five pounds each week. 40 of her patients, however, lost two pounds each week.

Everything you need to know about Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract

Thousands of people around the world use Garcina Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract. Though, many patients do not know which product is the best weight lost solution. Both products are quite effective, but they contain different ingredients that help people lose weight. However, both supplements boost metabolism, and they both have a unique active ingredient.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – How it works?
Green CoffeeChlorogenic acid is the main ingredient in the extract. Experts do not know why this ingredient helps people shed pounds.

Some scientists think that the acid reduces that speed at which the liver provides energy as glucose. As a result, the body must use its reserves; this is one reason why weight loss increases.

Green Coffee Bean Extract also helps patients stick to their diets because they feel fuller after they take the supplement.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Studies

Dr. Joe A Vinson conducted a double blind trail. According to the results, patients who took Green Coffee Bean Extract lost more weight than the patients who took the placebo.


Dosage And Side Effects

To achieve the best results, the extract must have 45 percent Chlorogenic acid. In addition, 400mg must be taken three times each day.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract does not cause any serious side effects. Though, diabetics should consume the extract carefully because it changes blood sugar levels.

Garcina Cambogia – How it works?
Garcinia Weight LossHydroxycitric acid in is main ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia. People who take the supplement typically eat less, so they usually lose a generous amount of weight. The supplement suppresses the appetite because it boosts the brain’s serotonin level. When these levels are low, more food is often consumed during depressing situations. The supplement also helps emotional eaters suppress their appetites.

Hydroxycitric acid also releases citrate lyase; citrate lyase is an enzyme that stores fat. Fat storage will slow down if this enzyme is not released.

Garcina Cambogia Studies

At Purdue University, test subjects were given 400mg of the supplement before they consumed a traditional meal. They took the supplement for 12 weeks; after the trial was over, the subjects lost nearly 8.1 pounds without using any diet programs or exercise routines.

Dosage And Side Effects

If a product has less than 60 percent of Hydroxycitric acid, it will not be every effective. To achieve maximum results, a high dose of 800mgs is required.

Garnina Cambogia has limited side effects if the supplement is manufactured by a high quality brand. However, patients who are on medications should contact a doctor before consuming the supplement.

Using Garcinia Cambogia with Green Coffee Bean Extract

Although there are no clinical studies that prove Green Coffee Bean Extract and Garcinia Cambogia work efficiently together. Each of these natural supplements do have numerous studies that have each produced weight loss for it’s users. I have heard from many people that taking both of these natural products together that their weight loss accelerated. Some of even told me that they lost almost twice as much weight then just taking a single one of these supplements alone.


So if you think that you need to lose a little extra weight. Take Garcinia Cambogia with Green Coffee Bean Extract together is an excellent choice. Please be reminded that diet and moderate exercise play a critical role in helping you to achieve your goals. These two natural supplements are very powerful. They have played a key component in helping me and others lose weight. If you find yourself overweight or wanting to lose a few extra pounds. Then you should really consider giving Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract a try.

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