Colon Cleanse Benefits on Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz, a prolific heart surgeon and well-known talk show personality has argued some shocking truths about colon cleansing. He explained why traditional methods have failed! Dr. Oz reasoning of not recommending today’s meticulous colon cleansing regimes has numerous merits. Earlier forms of therapy to remove harmful body waste included painful, prolonged sessions of agonizing colon irrigation.

Consequently, it excavated substantial amounts of accumulated fecal deposits that failed to exit the naturally. The downside Dr. Oz pointed out is the aftereffects of having internal sections of the intestinal walls damaged. While studies have brought attention to these risk factors, it’s a technique widely practiced today. Dr. Oz breakthrough colon cleansing therapy for full body detox has zero risks.

Why is traditional colon cleansing NOT enough?
As Dr. Oz explained, “The colon, lungs, kidney and the liver conducts natural cleansing.” As the four core vehicular mechanisms, responsible for controlling biological waste, keeping these organs operating optimally is crucial. Chiefly, the organs prevent toxins from reaching the bloodstream. That said, a healthy diet is pivotal to nourishing and supporting the body’s biological cleansing organs. Besides, Dr. Oz further added that “natural detoxing balances physical and mental health altogether.”

Understanding the body’s biological detoxification mechanism
There’s nothing technical about engaging the body’s autonomous detoxification organs; colon, kidneys and the liver. Each performs a different activity that helps support a universal waste management process. For example:

Kidneys – Everyone has a pair, but certain complications can warrant removal of one. Interestingly, patients can survive with a single working kidney. Chiefly, this organ filters the blood removing all forms of harmful toxins by urination.

Liver – This organ works similarly to the kidneys filtering toxic compounds for healthy blood circulation.

Colon – It’s no secret what the colon does. Both forms of bacteria, healthy and toxic reside in the colon. As the chief waste management resource, its role is crucial to the operation.

Dr. Oz perfect colon cleansing regime

He tried it himself. The result – awesome feeling! Dr. Oz recommends this natural detoxification regime for just 48 hours – weekend preferred! The practice continues to gain influence today, although body detoxification is a centuries-old regime. Fasting has been a long-practiced form of detoxification, but Dr. Oz warns of the downsides. Certainly, from what he explained, “fasting” isn’t an ideal method. From starvation to nutrient deprivation, “fasting” has dangerous aftereffects.

Today, detoxification has been applied as a weight management aid and body purification regime. Certainly, Dr. Oz detox cleanses solution acknowledges the roles of essential organ activities and acts as a performance-enhancing inhibitor. It promises physical and mental health benefits that low-calorie fasting and other forms of detox dieting regimes have failed to deliver. Rather than training the body to alter its metabolism, Dr. Oz detoxification regime supports biological process. What’s more, it doesn’t onset common downsides of conventional detox diets such as nausea, dehydration, colon rupture, dizziness, and fatigue.

Approved foods for detox diet?
On the topic of which foods to include in a proper detox diet, Dr. Oz focuses on organ nutrition. So, it’s crucial to incorporate nutrients that nourish the liver, kidneys and colon primarily. Overall, the body requires a healthy diet routine. That said, Dr. Oz recommends consuming a well-balanced diet. This will strengthen the body’s biological waste management systems and support organs as well. There’s a slew of known studies online referencing detoxifying foods to incorporate should patients need recommendations.

Dr. Oz Organic detox diet versus common colon cleansing
Of course, it’s natural to question the integrity of any treatment or detox regime. Largely, common colon cleansing does what’s designed for removing toxic deposits. The difference with an organic detox diet is that it chiefly supports the body’s biological mechanisms. With core organs operating at optimal capacity, eliminating toxins naturally is an almost effortless intervention. What’s more, this process doesn’t interfere with the body’s normal activities.

Unlike a detox diet, colon irrigation and other techniques cause damages internally. Without sufficient nutrients to repair any malignancies or bacterial exposure, internal organs suffer. Dr. Oz recommends a regime that doesn’t attract unnatural problems, thus strengthening core organs to perform smoothly and efficiently.

Dr. Oz’s program requires as little as forty-eight hours to deliver reasonable results. Colon cleansing supports physical and mental health. For example, it boosts energy levels, prevents colon cancer, protects and strengthens the intestinal walls. In addition, research studies claim colon cleanse improve weight management. With a detox diet loaded with essential nutrients to eliminate toxic chemicals and biological waste; patients have reported weight loss achievements. Dr. Oz explained that such an intervention improves pH balance as well.

  • Immune balance
  • Weight loss
  • Improves mood
  • Energy level improvement

From what Dr. Oz explained about his detox diet program, it caters exclusively to the body’s needs. To further merit this intervention, he speculated that it nourishes the body with all nine essential amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and more. With the correct detox diet, enabling the body and organs to function at an efficient level, inconsistencies are fewer. In fact, studies have linked biochemical toxins to a number of illnesses reported.

A regime for detoxifying the body requires potent natural food nutrients that enhance all organ processes. Electrolyte imbalances, renal failure, cramps, dizziness, and vomiting have occurred after colon irrigation among other forms of body detox methods. Dr. Oz asserts that his regime has zero intolerance as it engages the body’s biological mechanisms instead of forced treatment.